The Human Body, Part 1


We are currently in the exciting process of updating out-of-stock science units including The Human Body. Updates include adding videos including experiment videos, new read-aloud book packs, full-page Grade 7–8 Extensions, and more amazing improvements. The Human Body will be changing dramatically and the previous edition is not available for purchase. We do not yet have a release date for the updated version. We cannot wait to unveil these exciting updates, although we do not yet have additional release information. Stay tuned!

This unit explores nine of the main systems of the body. Children learn the purpose of each body system, what the main organs of the system are and their specific functions, and how the organs work together in order for the system and body to function as a whole. This 68-page unit includes lesson extensions designed for students Grades 7–8. The Human Body Part 2, which will be released at a future date, will cover the topics of genetics and illness and disease, and it will take a closer look at some of the different types of cells within the body.

Lesson 1 – Our Bodies
Lesson 2 – The Skeletal System
Lesson 3 – The Muscular System
Lesson 4 – The Respiratory System
Lesson 5 – The Circulatory System
Lesson 6 – The Nervous System
Lesson 7 – The Digestive System
Lesson 8 – The Urinary System
Lesson 9 – The Immune System
Lesson 10 – The Integumentary System

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