Maturation & Sexual Reproduction

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Teaching children all about their growing bodies can be a difficult topic for many parents to approach. With this 8-lesson unit (57 pages), the goal for this course is for children to come to understand the changes that take place as they mature, learn how to care for their bodies, and discuss God’s beautiful design for reproduction. Children will enjoy learning in a loving and secure environment with open discussion about topics that might otherwise be uncomfortable. We feel that, with a helpful Q&A section, parents can confidently teach their children about the beauty of growing up and becoming an adult. Because every family is different, this unit is designed to be used at any school age that the parent deems appropriate. Some parents may choose to introduce some of the concepts at an early age and save other lessons for later when their child is ready; other parents may feel that their child is ready to complete the entire unit.

Lesson 1 – Our Sacred Bodies: Male Bodies & Puberty
Lesson 2 – Our Sacred Bodies: Female Bodies & Puberty
Lesson 3 – Menstruation
Lesson 4 – Sexual Intercourse and Living Virtuously
Lesson 5 – The Gestation and Birth of a Child
Lesson 6 – The Dangers and Destruction of Pornography
Lesson 7 – The Harmful Effects of Pornography
Lesson 8 – Personal Hygiene

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